DIY Perfect Pink Peony Vase Arrangement

Peony season is short and sweet, so we love every opportunity to use these popular blooms in floral arrangements at home. The great thing with Peonies is they look fabulous alone or mixed with natural foliage, letting their beauty shine through. Stylish, simple and elegant a Pink Peony arrangement will look amazing on a coffee table or taking centre stage on a dining table.

Materials and Tools you will need

  • A bunch of fresh pink Peonies – recommended around 10 to 14 stems
  • Large round glass vase with wide neck
  • Florist scissors
  • Floral tape (check out this bestselling clear pot tape)

How to make

Ensure the vase is clean, and fill half way with tap water. Using the floral tape, create a grid across the top of the vase which will work as a guide and help give the stems structure.

Trim the stems, measuring against the height of the vase so that there is approx. 2-3 inches between the top of the vase and the head of the peony. Carefully place stem by stem in to the vase at a diagonal (this will mean the stems create a pretty criss cross and help hold the shape of your floral design), using the grid to evenly display the flowers.

Place in your favourite spot at home to display your DIY Peony Arrangement (avoid strong heat or drafty places)

Tips for peonies

  • Source the freshest peonies from your local florist or flower market.
  • We prefer to create this vase arrangement using Peonies that are still in tight bud, which means as the petals open you can enjoy the arrangement for longer.
  • If you want to help your peonies in tight bud open up a bit quicker you can place the flowers in a warmer, sunny spot.
  • Refresh the water every other day in the vase.
  • Add flower food to the water to help keep the peonies well feed.
DIY Perfect Pink Peony Vase Arrangement