5 tips for budding new florists

If you are considering a career in floristry or love your flower hobby and want to look at developing your passion further, read on for 5 top tips for getting started on your floristry journey!

Tip #1 Learn about the industry

Check out the British Florist Association (BFA), who are the UK's trade association for the flower industry.  The BFA website is packed full of great tools for florists and valuable information for people looking to start their floristry career.

The BFA also hold UK based events and exhibitions throughout the year such as FleurEx, so keep your eyes open for dates as these are a great way to meet fellow florists, mingle with local growers and industry suppliers.

Tip #2 Build your knowledge

Research floristry workshops, flower schools and training courses you can attend either in person or online. Some of these are just for fun and are a great way to learn new techniques from the professionals, whilst discovering if your passion could develop further.

If you are thinking of floristry becoming a career option, you can look at college courses such as City and Guilds Level 2 Technical Certificate in Floristry which give you industry recognised qualifications – check out the British Florist Association website for more information on professional courses.

Tip #3 Invest in your tools

With the perfect floristry tools and supplies at your finger tips, you can start crafting floral designs! Have fun practising at home so you develop your own unique style and confidence using the tools of the trade.

The Floristry Supplier stock a wide range of best selling products essential for any budding florist such as floral foam, secateurs and wire. Check out our online shop - we offer free nationwide delivery too when you spend over £100.

Tip #4 Get your hands dirty

Floristry is one of the most hands on and creative careers there is! Experiment growing your own British flowers and foliage in the garden, which is brilliant for understanding the seasonality of blooms and gives you stems to cut and play around with for designs.

Practice creating designs at home – start with little bud vases and build up to more complex designs. Practice really does help make perfect with floristry, so don’t be afraid to try new styles or techniques they may just need some patience and trial and error!

Tip #5 Join the Gram

Social media is a fabulous way for budding florists to gain floral inspiration from all over the world. So get set up on Instagram and Pinterest today so you connect with the florists you love, follow inspiring artists and learn about the floristry world.

Don’t forget to share your own floral designs on your social media profiles too – it is a great way for you to track your learning progress and see how far you have developed.

5 tips for budding new florists