Half term craft ideas for kids

Half term has crept round again, and with lockdown restrictions meaning we can't keep kids entertained with camping holidays or trips to the zoo, home entertainment is required! There are plenty of fun half term arts and crafts activities to do at home that will keep the kids (and big kids) entertained for hours, don't cost a fortune and help get children inspired by nature. 

Friendship Pebbles

If you have a fabulous collection of Pebbles that the kids bring back from the beach each time you visit, this is a great way to turn them into something special. From dotty rainbows, colourful hearts, smiley faces or a word of wisdom, these are little pebbles of happiness that you can display at home or leave to be discovered.

What you need:

  • Pebbles
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Black marker pen

Step 1: Pick out the best large, flat pebbles you have.

Step 2: Time to get messy! Dip little thumbs in the paint and then press on to pebble in arty design or use the brush to create a pattern.

Step 3: Wait for paint to dry.

Step 4: Using the black marker pen, you can then finish the design (if needed).

Mother’s Day Cards

Mothering Sunday is on March 14th this year, so why not get organised early and sort a thoughtful homemade Mother’s Day card from the kids? There are tons of fun things you can do to make the card, such as using paint and fingers to do a flower shape or cutting up coloured paper and stickers to create a favourite scene or memory. Mum will love opening up a special keepsake card on Mothering Sunday!

Magical Fairy Garden

If the weather is dry and sunny over half term, this is a great project to get the family outside and crafting together. Find a section of your garden that can be transformed into a magical Fairy Garden or use a large flower pot to position on a patio.

What you need:

  • Large flower pot or section of garden
  • Soil
  • Fairy decorations
  • Small plants or seeds

Ideas for Fairy Garden decorations:

Tiny little pebbles, rocks, outdoor fairy lights, wind chimes, painted mini plant pots, glass marbles, fairy sized furniture and door (you can source these from the Internet easily). Smaller plants and greenery such as daisies, ivy, miniature roses, fern and succulents are brilliant to plant up. If you are getting serious green fingers and after some floristry supplies then head on over to our online shop for some direct florist supplies delivered to your door!

Local arts

Check out your local shops and small businesses websites and social media, as many have put together some fun activities for children to enjoy throughout lockdown. Our local Garden Centre has a downloadable colouring sheet for kids to enjoy decorating, or others doing a rainbow window treasure hunts for kids to spot whilst out on a daily exercise walk in he local village.

Painted Plant Pots

A cute way to brighten up kitchen windowsills and keep the children entertained on a rainy afternoon. The kids can also enjoy planting seeds and watching them grow over the next few weeks!

What you need:

  • Little plant pots
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Soil and seeds

Step 1: Let the kids get creative with a paint brush and decorate their plant pots. We always love decorating them to look like people – but leave off the hair as that comes later!

Step 2: Once paint has dried, fill with soil and press seeds in. Great seeds to use are cress, lavender or chives – when they grow they make brilliant hair for the people pots!

Step 3: Position on windowsill and follow watering instructions to watch them grow.


Half term craft ideas for kids