Florist Tool Box With Essential Tools

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Florist Tool Box With Essential Tools


A lightweight yet strong and durable tool box complete with all the tools and supplies you need to start with floristry!

The lid features three clear storage compartments, and inside is a removable tray compartment with storage space underneath. Features secure metal lid clasps and handle for easy carrying and secure transport.

Toolbox Contents


- Knife

- Secateurs

- Snips

- Pot Tape

- Parafilm

- Stemtex

- Bindwire

- Poly Twine

-Floralife® Leafshine

- Floralife® Flower Food

- OASIS® Floral Foam Iglu

- 4 x packs of Stub Wire in adjustable holders

- 4 x Pinholders

- Adhesive Tack

- Pearl Pins

- Mossing Pins

- Floral Adhesive

- 4 x Bullion Wire

 4 x Metallic Wire

- Black Reel Wire

NOTE: All Items above can be bought individually from us once they have been used or if you require more

Price: £89.95