Oasis® Ideal Floral Foam Netted Garland

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Oasis® Ideal Floral Foam Netted Garland


OASIS Floral Foam Netted Garland are great for any occasion including weddings and parties. The are lightweight and have a net covering them which allows them to hang and showcase the flower arrangement. The come in one length of 2.6m but can be cut down to any size and the excess used on another arrangement. The typical use for these are hanging on table tops, staircases and or even fireplace mantles.

Features and Benefits

 * Lightweight

 * Netting adds security for flowers and hanging

 * Can be easily cut to required length

 * 12 OASIS Ideal Floral Foam Cylinders

Size: 2.6m (total length), 13 x 5cm (individual cylinder length)

Pack Quantity: 1 piece

Price: £16.99